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Better Roads With Graphene

Paved roads

Most of the roads we drive on are sophisticated, layered, pavement structures topped with asphalt. Asphalt is a mixture of aggregates, filler and a bitumen binder.

It is big business, Europe has over 4,000 asphalt production sides and over 10,000 are involved in asphalt production and laying. Global demand for asphalt is projected to expand at 2.8 percent per year to 122.5 million metric tons by 2019. This is a multi-billion dollar market.

Graphene nanoplatelets

As regular InvestorIntel readers will know, graphene nanoplatelets can be made from graphite. Graphite is a relatively common material on the planet and various companies have developed techniques for making bulk from graphite. As the production is scaled up so the cost of the bulk graphene product comes down. The suppliers of bulk graphene nanoplatelets will be open to negotiation about the price.

Graphene has been developed as an additive in rubber tyres to increase the grip and wear resistance. So you might think that graphene could do the same for the surface the tyres run on. A team at the University of Minnesota thought so too. In 2016 they published a report that examined whether graphene nanoplatelets could improve the performance of asphalt paving.

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Source: Investor Intel