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Graphene Archives - National Graphene Association
graphene, nanomaterials, health

Researchers Measure Single Atoms in a Graphene ‘Petri-dish’

Researchers working at The University of Manchester have shown new possibilities for observing nanomaterials in liquids by creating a graphene ‘petri-dish’. New 2-dimensional nanomaterials have the potential to improve...
graphene, light, energy

Optical Cavity Helps Graphene Soak Up More Light

Graphene, the 2D wonder material made up of a sheet of carbon one atom thick, has a long list of superpowers, but one thing...
graphene, paint, energy

Graphenstone: First Graphene Paint Commercially Available

Graphene in paints, coatings, and other building materials enhances the hardness, durability, compression, and tensile strength, to name a few. It also reduces the...
graphene, headset, technology

Cougar Announces Phontum Gaming Headset with Graphene Diaphragm

Cougar are launching their Phontum gaming headset. The main features of this headset are its dual earpad system, that makes it easier to use it in...
graphene, nano, artificial

Scientists create ‘artificial graphene’ from semiconducting materials

Researchers at Columbia Engineering who are experts at manipulating matter at the nanoscale have made an important breakthrough in physics and materials science, which...
graphene, technology, electrical, heat

Flexible and Transparent Graphene Microheater

Microheaters are devices which are capable of rapid localised heating within a micro-scale region. The combination of high response and a compact architecture allows...
graphene, sensor, plants, farming

Tape-Based Electronic Plant Sensors Show Promise

With new tape-based sensors attached to the plants, Iowa State University plant scientist Patrick Schnable was able to measure how long it took two...
graphene, health, medical

How Graphene Can Transform Brain-Computer Interfaces

Deep brain stimulation to treat the symptoms of motor disorders like Parkinson’s disease, retinal and cochlear implants to help restore sight and sound, and...
graphene, nano, artificial

Directa Plus Working Hard to Exploit Potential of Graphene

Founded 12 years ago, its aim is to design a system to produce graphene in a “sustainable, simple and a scalable way.” Graphene has been...
graphene, allergy, sensor, health

Warning, May Contain Nuts! How Graphene Will Make Your Food Allergen Free

I think this century will be the age of nanomaterials. Reducing the size of electronics to the nanoscale directly translates into reduced material input...
graphene, textile, clothing,. electronic

How Will Graphene Change the Textile Industry?

Have you heard about electronic clothing yet? Chances are you have. Then again, since e-clothing has been heretofore impractical to make, you may not have...
graphene, conductivity, heat

Heating Boosts Graphene’s Conductivity

Heating reduced graphene oxide (RGO) films to high temperatures boosts conductivity and mobility to a record high, report researchers from the University of Maryland...