Controlling Light With Gold and Graphene

Controlling Light With Gold and Graphene - Featured Graphene Lighting

Scientists in South Korea and the United Kingdom have developed optical devices made of and gold which can control the intensity and polarity of light. They published their findings in Advanced Optical Materials.

Metasurfaces are two-dimensional materials that can effectively control the electric and magnetic components of light and other electromagnetic waves, bending them in specific directions. Controlling the beam’s direction can bring out interesting phenomena, the most incredible being the ‘invisibility cloak effect,’ where light waves bypass an object, recreating the image beyond the object, as flowing water in a river would bypass a stone.

In this study, scientists at the Center for Integrated Nanostructure Physics within South Korea’s Institute for Basic Science, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Birmingham and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, developed flat lenses with tunable features.

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Source: Asian Scientist