IISER Pune: Novel Drug Delivery System To Kill Cancer Cells

IISER Pune: Novel Drug Delivery System To Kill Cancer Cells - Featured Graphene Medical

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Science Education and (IISER) Pune have successfully developed a novel cancer drug delivery system using oxide nanoparticles. In a serendipitous discovery, a team led by Dr. Sudipta Basu and Dr. Nirmalya Bhallav from the Department of Chemistry found that when a FDA-approved anticancer drug cisplatin was added, the graphene oxide sheets self-assembled into spherical nanoparticles enclosing the drug within.

“We were very surprised to see this kind of shape-shifting transformation of the graphene oxide sheets into a spherical structure. We are exploring the mechanism by which this happens,” says Dr. Basu, the corresponding author of the paper. “We think the drug is reacting with graphene oxide and transforming the graphene sheet into a ball-like structure, a kind of ‘molecular stitching’,” adds Dr. Ballav.

Anticancer drugs

Two DNA-damaging anticancer drugs — proflavine and doxorubicin — that bind to graphene oxide through non-covalent bond were also used.


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SourceThe Hindu