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Electromagnetic Shielding With Graphene-Based Sandwich Structures

Electromagnetic Shielding With Graphene-Based Sandwich Structures

Two-layer sandwich structures with various and EMI shielding performance: schemes from the cross-section view of (a) GO-D-GO, (b) GN-D-GN, (c) GO-D-GN, and (d) GN-D-GO sandwich structures; (e) total SE, (f) SE absorption, and (g) SE reflection of the corresponding sandwich structures. Note that the illustrated electromagnetic waves in the schemes are not to scale, and green and pink waves in the schemes indicate the transmittance and reflected waves, respectively. (© ACS) (click on image to enlarge)

Researchers have demonstrated a series of graphene-based sandwich structures that were fabricated by assembling graphene films and various spacers.

The results, reported in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (“Graphene-Based Sandwich Structures for Frequency Selectable Electromagnetic Shielding”), suggest that the sandwich structures enable effective EMI shielding performance greater than 20 dB in the X-band.

Electromagnetic (EM) signals lead to electromagnetic emission and interference in the communicating apparatus, which is considered a significant concern in the advanced electronic and telecommunication industries.

To addres these issues, a variety of lightweight materials with electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding properties have been developed to meet the requirements in the current industries. In addition to traditional copper, carbon materials (carbon nanotubes, graphene, and carbon filers) that have delocalized ? electronic networks have drawn significant attention in the scientific communities because the unique advantages in electrically conductive carbon are ideal to allow for achieving the EMI shielding materials with exclusive characteristics.

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