Englander Line Touts Cooler Sleep Message

Englander Line Touts Cooler Sleep Message - Companies Featured Graphene

LAS VEGAS – Top 10 bedding producer Englander is introducing a new Tension Ease Platinum line that features open-cell memory foam infused with , a form of carbon, to help dissipate heat.

The launch is a follow up to the successful launch of the Tension Ease slow-recovery latex line earlier this year.

Chicago-based Englander, which shows in World Market Center C-1596, said the exclusive new technology in the Tension Ease Platinum line helps promote a better night of sleep.

“The open-cell structure of the memory foam allows for greatly enhanced air flow and breathability, while the integrated graphene is thermal conductive—up to 10,000 times more effective than traditional foams,” explained Kevin Toman, Englander’s president and CEO.

“TensionCore graphene foam dissipates body heat and ensures a cool and refreshing night’s sleep,” he added. “The foam also effectively contains body movements for motionless, undisturbed sleep and delivers a plush, consistent feel in all climates.”


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Source: Furniture Today