Eurojersey gets graphene boost from Directa Plus

Eurojersey gets graphene boost from Directa Plus - Companies Featured Graphene Wearables
The have jointly developed the first graphene-enhanced textiles for Eurojersey’s Sensitive Fabrics brand

Graphene-based product supplier Directa Plus and Eurojersey have partnered on the development of the first grahene-enhanced textiles for the Italian knitter’s Sensitive Fabrics brand.

Unveiled at ISPO Munich last month, the highly performant technical fabrics are being targeted at the sportswear, athleisure and underwear sectors.

The smart fabric acts as a filter between the body and the external environment, ensuring an ideal temperature for the wearer. With Plus (G+), the warmth produced by the body is dispersed in warm climates and preserved and distributed evenly in cold climates. The fabrics, which are treated with G+, and are electrostatic and bacteriostatic, are able to reduce the friction with air and water to enable top sporting performance.

Clothing that incorporates graphene, an innovative nanotech material derived from graphite, is said to significantly improve performance for athletes, professionals and sports enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, Eurojersey’s patented warp knitted Sensitive Fabrics allow the garments to retain their shape, even after frequent use and washing, and feature quick drying properties and lightweight breathability.

“We are delighted to be working with Eurojersey and their Sensitive Fabrics brand with whom we share a commitment to quality, innovation and environmental-sustainability, and we are excited to further develop our joint and look forward to bringing them to the market,” says Directa Plus CEO Giulio Cesareo. “This collaboration marks another milestone for Directa Plus as we expand our textile offering and reflects the increasing interest that we are receiving in our tailor-made solutions that can significantly improve clothing performance.”

The companies say they are now conducting joint R&D to further develop the prototype textiles into product samples.

“These fabrics are ideal for outfits that pair functionality and aesthetics thanks to the ultrathin layers, the raw-cut edges, and their resistance to pilling and to shrinkage,” adds Andrea Crespi, general manager of Eurojersey. “We believe that these qualities will attract the attention of brands that especially focus on innovation and performance.”

Last week Directa Plus unveiled a second collection of graphene-enhanced sportswear in partnership with sportswear brand Colmar.

Eurojersey meanwhile, revealed a partnership with textile maker Cifra earlier this month, on the development of a range of Hybrid Warp Knit garments for activewear.
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