First Graphite Ltd To Be Tier 1 Partner In Graphene Hub


First Graphite Ltd To Be Tier 1 Partner In Graphene Hub - Featured Financial InvestingFirst Graphite (ASX: FGR) is pleased to advise it has signed as a Tier 1 partner to the Australian Council Research Hub for Enabled Industry Transformation (ARC Graphene Research Hub).

The ARC Graphene Research HUB aims to provide knowledge, innovative research and commercial development of graphene technologies across broad areas.

Under the Terms of the ARC Hub agreement FGR will focus on the areas of fire retardants, where the Company already has global licence to exploit the technology, development of conductive graphene coatings and development of graphene polymer .

About the ARC Graphene Research Hub,

The ARC Graphene Research Hub is funded by the Australian Government, through the Australian Research Council’s Industrial Transformation Research Hubs scheme, to undertake five year interdisciplinary research program in partnership between four of Australia’s leading universities and six industry partners, which includes FGR. The ARC Graphene Research Hub is led by the University of Adelaide, with which FGR has had a long association.

The ARC Graphene Research Hub aims to develop advanced materials to provide innovative solutions to a range of industries, including advanced manufacturing, mining and minerals technology, medical technologies, pharmaceuticals and defence.

Commenting on this update, FGR’s Managing Director Craig McGuckin said “We are pleased to have signed the partnership for the ARC Graphene Research Hub and look forward to the exciting range of innovations this will bring to our high-quality graphene .” 

About First Graphite Ltd (ASX: FGR) 

First Graphite produces high quality graphene from high grade Sri Lankan vein graphite. 

First Graphite seeks to develop methods and acquire graphene related intellectual property which can provide further revenue related opportunities. 

About Graphene 

Graphene, the well-publicised and now famous two-dimensional carbon allotrope, is as versatile a material as any discovered on Earth. Its amazing properties as the lightest and strongest material, compared with its ability to conduct heat and electricity better than anything else, mean it can be integrated into a huge number of applications. Initially this will mean graphene is used to help improve the performance and efficiency of current materials and substances, but in the future, it will also be developed in conjunction with other two-dimensional (2D) crystals to create some even more amazing compounds to suit an even wider range of applications. 

One area of research which is being very highly studied is energy storage. Currently, scientists are working on enhancing the capabilities of lithium ion batteries (by incorporating graphene as an anode) to offer much higher storage capacities with much better longevity and charge rate. Also, graphene is being studied and developed to be used in the manufacture of supercapacitors which are able to be charged very quickly, yet also be able to store a large amount of electricity. 

For further information, please contact 

Craig McGuckin

Managing Director 

First Graphite Limited 

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Warwick Grigor 


First Graphite Limited 

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First Graphite Ltd To Be Tier 1 Partner In Graphene Hub - Featured Financial Investing

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