Global Giants Join Cambridge Showcase Of Graphene Technology

Global Giants Join Cambridge Showcase Of Graphene Technology - Companies Featured Graphene

Local pioneers rub shoulders with international players at a special showcase of technology in Cambridge on May 25.

The Cambridge Graphene Centre’s (CGC) industrial partners gather in the city for a focused day of networking, exhibitions and panel discussions. Building on the successful event of 2015, the technology day will parade exciting and prototypes of graphene technologies across the exciting formative industry in the UK.

A range of international and UK-based , including Haydale, Nokia, Versarien and Talga, will demonstrate their products, prototypes and techniques for graphene-based technologies in the carefully curated exhibition.

The exceptionally strong Cambridge community of graphene-based & Development players will also be represented, with exhibitors from the local area including FlexEnable, Novalia, Emberion and Aixtron.

FlexEnable is a flexible gamechanger. Novalia’s technology adds touch, connectivity and data to surfaces around us. Emberion Oy is a Finnish business with a Cambridge team of ex-Nokia people who are revolutionising X-ray, infrared and thermal imaging markets. Aixtron is now German owned and specialises in manufacturing metalorganic chemical vapour deposition equipment for clients in the semiconductor industry.

The CGC maintains strong partnerships with various companies, developing its research programmes to align with industry needs. These partnerships promote rapid technology development and provide excellent opportunities for students at the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Graphene Technology to work directly with industrial researchers.

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Source: BusinessWeekly