In Graphene, Alliance Rubber Meets Possibilities

In Graphene, Alliance Rubber Meets Possibilities - Featured General Research Graphene

Alliance Rubber of Hot Springs recently signed an agreement with University of Sussex professor Alan Dalton to study how the compound could be used in rubber .

But the manufacturer of more than 2,200 rubber products may not see results of this effort go to market for at least 10 years, according to Marketing Director Jason Risner.

Under the agreement, Alliance Rubber is sponsoring two graduate students to work exclusively on graphene projects for three years.

Graphene is “tougher than diamond, but it stretches like rubber,” Risner said. “The actual chemistry of it is very much like rubber. It’s virtually invisible. It can conduct electricity; it can conduct heat, both better than copper wire … It weighs next to nothing.”

“It’s really an astonishing material, and it’s going to, in one way or another, revolutionize our lives,” he said.

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Source: Arkansas Business