How Graphene Could Help Auto Manufacturers

How Graphene Could Help Auto Manufacturers - Automotive Featured Graphene

This is a follow up article to our previously reported press release from the University of Alabama. Original story available here.

An experiment conducted at the University of Alabama (UA) indicates could be beneficial for car .

A student team at UA taking part in a national competition called EcoCar3, developed a fully functional hybrid car that simultaneously uses less and emits less pollution without sacrificing factors like performance, safety, and consumer appeal. As part of this project, the team successfully fabricated a lighter hood created from graphene into a Chevy Camaro, proving the cutting-edge material can work on a consumer car.

The graphene was created by a venture called Graphenics, founded by Dr. Rachel Frazier, who served as the assistant director of the Alabama Innovation and Mentoring of Entrepreneurs Center at UA.
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