Graphene Improves Sensitivity Of Single-Photon Detectors

Graphene Improves Sensitivity Of Single-Photon Detectors - Electronics Featured Graphene Optoelectronics
More sensitive: improves singe-photon detection

Project led by ICFO could boost performance of detectors in astronomy and information processing.

Improving the performance of single-photon detectors has been a focus of interest for some time, thanks to their potential applications in a number of sensing and communications applications.

A project team from Harvard, ICFO, MIT, Raytheon BBN, and Pohang University has now published research into the use of graphene as a material to detect low-energy single photons, findings which may indicate a route to more sensitive detectors than are currently available. The work was published in Physical Review Applied.

At present, many single-photon detectors rely on the increase in temperature caused by the arrival of an individual photon at a sensor, an effect which inevitably becomes smaller in magnitude as the incoming photons become lower in frequency and .

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