Graphene Ink Powers Printed Battery Partnership

The Australian materials company Talga Resources will supply graphene-based conductive inks to make the world’s thinnest printed . That’s the result of an agreement signed with British high-tech maker Zinergy UK. The pact partners the companies in a 12-month trial to jointly develop and test ink formulations for coating electrodes in the patented product. These ultra-slim batteries can be used in smart packaging, portable , and sensors.

The website reports Talga has earned, in recent months, some of the highest quality grades ever noted on its graphite drilling samples from its mines in northern Sweden. Graphite is the raw source of graphene, the highly conductive and impermeable material that is ideal for low-cost, flexible and potentially mass producible printed batteries.

Per ‘Talga’s Vittangi project already has an existing JORC 2012 resource of 9.8 million tonnes at 25.3% graphitic carbon, which is the highest resource grade amongst all the graphite deposits in the world.’”

“The website adds: ‘The conductive ‘ink’ materials to be tested represent variants of Talga’s graphene value-added products currently being developed for metal coatings and water-based lithium-ion battery anodes.’”