Graphene Innovation Summit Unveils Plan For 5-Minute Pitches Aimed At Commercialization

Graphene Innovation Summit Unveils Plan For 5-Minute Pitches Aimed At Commercialization - Uncategorized
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The National Association plans to facilitate the interaction between graphene stakeholders and promote commercialization of graphene through innovative “pitch sessions” at its upcoming October conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

The sessions are designed to provide a short communication format to connect graphene ideas and people. The goal of these pitches is to find collaboration, partnerships, supply sources, opportunities or solicit insight or advice.

For example, at the Graphene Product Showcase, a lab or graphene company

Graphene Innovation Summit Unveils Plan For 5-Minute Pitches Aimed At Commercialization - Uncategorized
Dr. Zina Jarrahi Cinker, Executive Director of the National Graphene Association

could showcase a prototype to tell the story of their success or look for partnership or funding from the audience. On the other hand, for or individuals not directly in the graphene sector who might be considering using/integrating graphene in an already existing product, the Graphene Idea Showcases provide the opportunity to address the entire audience of graphene stakeholders and experts and ask the audience for insight, input or a graphene supplier during a five-minute pitch.

“This is a great opportunity for anyone in the graphene development curve, to get on the stage for five minutes, tell their story and look for an answer to their needs,” says Dr. Zina Jarrahi Cinker, executive director of the NGA and a fundamental physicist in the graphene field.

“We want researchers to find paths to market for their innovations. We want to help companies find their next round of funding and investment or find the right graphene supplier or graphene consumer,” she added. “We also want to make it easier for anyone not in the graphene field who could be a potential end-user to find the path to integrate graphene, and there is no better way to do this than getting people together and get them talking to each other. That is the idea behind the graphene pitches.”

In addition to the three pitch sessions and an academic poster session, the conference will feature the top thought leaders in the graphene industry and two days of plenary talks, panel discussions and interaction with exhibitors (link here). The targeted roundtable format and tailored networking opportunities will allow those in attendance to gain critical market information and analysis from leaders in the field and form strategic partnerships.

The NGA’s Graphene Innovation Summit & Expo, to be held Oct. 29-31, 2017 at the Music City Center in Nashville, is first-ever event dedicated solely to the commercialization of graphene in the United States.

Pitch Applications Being Accepted Now

If you are interested in giving  a 5-minute pitch (or 8-minute pitch in the case of the investor pitches), you can apply at this link:

Applications will be reviewed by NGA staff. NOTE: NGA members will receive automatic approval of their submissions for these sessions, which are as follows:

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Product ShowCase is a 5-minute pitch opportunity intended for companies, individuals or academic labs who have a graphene-based product or prototype (such as a , medical device, sensor, apparel, coating etc.) that they want to showcase to the entire audience of current and future graphene stakeholders — graphene companies, developers and suppliers, investors, venture capitalists, government agencies and research and academic labs.

IDEA SHOWCASE: Idea ShowCase is a 5-minute pitch opportunity designed for companies or individuals at the “idea stage,” who are looking into incorporating graphene in an either already existing product or in an entirely novel structure. The selected groups will get the chance to present to the entire audience of stakeholders: graphene companies, developers and suppliers, research and academic labs, investors, venture capitalists and government agencies, with the goal of soliciting partnership and collaboration for the project.

INVESTOR PITCH: Investor Pitch is an 8-minute pitch opportunity offered to companies, startups, individuals or academics/researchers who have a graphene based product, prototype or established idea for which they are seeking funding. The selected groups can pitch to a private group of NGA Investor members who will have applied for a reserved seat to hear about potential investment opportunities at this conference. This category is applicable at any stage of the company development: seed, angel, series A, etc. It will be up to the presenter, to determine how much information is shared. This is an opportunity to attract interest and further inquiry without divulging proprietary information. You can reserve the proprietary information for a follow up, private meeting, with those whose interest you capture with the initial presentation.

ACADEMIC POSTER SESSION: The Academic Poster session is intended to showcase notable research and scientific findings involving graphene. The presenters need to be affiliated or employed by an academic institution or research lab.

Early Bird and Pitch Application Deadline: September 1

Special Academic and Student rates available. If interested in attending, exhibiting or sponsoring, you can visit the link below:

Questions can be directed to or to (662) 371-1800.

Graphene Innovation Summit Unveils Plan For 5-Minute Pitches Aimed At Commercialization - Uncategorized