All Hands on Deck for Graphene Prosthesis Breakthrough

An Italian team is using Graphene’s conductive properties and light-weight flexibility to actually create a robot prosthetic hand. reports that Rehab Technologies from The Italian Institute of Technology demonstrated the prototype to a reporter from the website in Barcelona where the World Congress technology show took place Feb. 26-March 1.

Graphene, with it’s lightweight and flexible properties, makes it an ideal candidate for a wearable product. 

The robot hand movement is triggered through two arm-strapped graphene-coated electrodes. Graphene’s hyper conductivity allows the electrodes to transfer the user’s neurological impulses to open and close the Terminator-like gripper. Mashable’s Stan Schroeder says he successfully tested the device “remotely by contracting and relaxing the muscles on my (real) hand.” Actual patients are testing the device, with a market debut expected this year.

Rehab Technologies is currently working on various other applications of similar technologies, such as exoskeletons and rehabilitation platforms. The prosthetic hand is currently in the testing phase with patients and should hit the market sometime in 2017.


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