Glowing Graphene Quantum Dots Fight Cancer, Stop Casino Counterfeiters

Not to be confused with faux ice cream, Dippn’ Dots, quantum dots aren’t tasty, but made with graphene. The one-atom thick materials can glow, conduct electricity and may be useful in fighting cancer and catching casino counterfeiters, among many other uses. spoke to Moti Gross, CEO of Dotz Nano, an Australian company that uses graphene to make the tiny  point of light instead of cadmium, which is toxic to humans.

“Gross tells ‘A quantum dot is basically a micro-sized disc that absorbs UV light, releases it in the visible light spectrum, and we can change the color that’s seen in the visible light spectrum according to the size of the dot.'”

Unlike previous materials used for quantum dots in TVs and cells, carbon-based graphene is not harmful to humans and the yielded per dot is high. One outside-the-box use for the technology is casino gambling chips. You can make them counterfeit-proof by spraying them with a dot-infused solution that glows under UV light. 
“Per, Gross added: ‘Graphene quantum dots have other attributes that metallic quantum dots don’t have, like electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, it’s 200 times stronger than steel.'” 
For more information on Dotz Nano, read the latest news about its recent record shipment of quantum dots here



Company page: Dotz Nano