Dotz Nano Announces Largest Commercial Shipment Of Graphene Quantum Dots

Dotz Nano has announced the world’s largest shipment of Quantum Dots (GQDs) for commercial use. GQDs are a high tech material that can be used to innovate in a wide array of fields, from bio-medical to optical application.

Per, “Existing solutions for optical applications, such as metallic quantum dots, utilize the same microscopic semiconductor technology. However, these nano quantum dots, which are made out of various metallic materials, are expensive to produce and are very toxic, with unknown long-term effects. The Graphene Quantum Dots produced by Dotz Nano, on the other hand, are less expensive, yield about the same level of efficiency, and are non-toxic.” 

Dotz Nano’s innovative method allows the extraction of GQDs from coal at a fraction of the price of older methods, even in comparison to metallic quantum dots. 

“This breakthrough discovery enables Dotz Nano to easily extract a 25% yield of GQDs from simple coal. GQDs essentially absorb ultraviolet light or and release that energy as fluorescence in the seen light spectrum, in colors ranging from blue to red, according to the size of the GQDs.”

Per Dotz Nano, “We’ve managed to revolutionize the nanotechnology industry by introducing a material that utilizes natural resources in a cost-effective manner,” said Dr. Moti Gross, CEO and Co-Founder of Dotz Nano. “Our GQDs are ready and available for commercial use and can be implemented in hundreds of applications we encounter in our daily lives, without negatively impacting the environment.”

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