Graphene Set To Enable Terahertz Technology, Says Team

Graphene Set To Enable Terahertz Technology, Says Team - Electronics Featured GrapheneTerahertz technology enabled via could boost the capacity of future data networks, according to researchers at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden.

Andrei Vorobiev, pictured, senior researcher, said: “One of graphene’s features is that electrons move much faster than in most semiconductors used today. Thanks to this, we can access the high frequencies that constitute the terahertz range. Data communication then has the potential of becoming up to ten times faster and can transmit much larger amounts of data than is currently possible.”

Researchers at Chalmers have shown that graphene based transistor devices could receive and convert terahertz waves. One example of these devices is a 200GHz subharmonic resistive mixer based on a CVD graphene transistor integrated on silicon. This, says the team, could be used in high-speed wireless communication links.


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