Gung-Ho On Nano

Gung-Ho On Nano - Electronics Featured Graphene

HYDERABAD: Did your phone get switched off due to low battery? How about charging it in a few … seconds? How about a smartphone touchscreen that is literally ‘unbreakable’, no matter how many times you drop it? Your luxury sedan requires a critical part that needs to be imported. How does the idea of just ‘printing’ the part at a laboratory sound?

Futuristic? Not anymore. We already have the technology, including the preparation of raw materials that goes into these hi-tech in our very own city. A ‘Make in India’ initiative in its true sense, Nanospan was founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Ravi Nuguru in February 2016. Born in Karimnagar, Ravi graduated from REC Warangal and worked in the US for 20 years before moving back to India.  Nanospan India is into the manufacture, supply and application of Graphene-related materials. In May, UK-based Haydale Industries PLC and Nanospan entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on the development of advanced nanocomposites. “We also have an MoU with Nano Malaysia, a Malaysian-based business entity,” adds Ravi.

Gung-Ho On Nano - Electronics Featured Graphene

“A country’s economy depends on three basic aspects – manufacturing, agriculture and materials. We are planning to build that ecosystem for nanomaterials,” says Nanospan Co-Founder and  COO Venugopal Rao Vippulancha.“Graphene is the base material and we isolate it in the lab using a chemical process. We have filed a patent for ‘micro-patterned flexible supercapacitor’ which can help in charging a device in a few seconds,” adds Nanospan CTO and Principal Scientist Dr Venkataramana Gedela. Other real-life applications of nanotechnology include:

Conductive Ink 
When working on a treadmill, your physiological parameters such as heart rate, blood pressure, etc. can be displayed on your smartphone, courtesy a tiny chip in your T-shirt.

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Source: The New Indian Express