Hong Kong Science Museum’s New Exhibition Explores Unlimited Possibilities of Graphene

Hong Kong Science Museums New Exhibition Explores Unlimited Possibilities of Graphene - Featured Graphene research

What is invisible to the human eye, thinner than human hair and 200 times tougher than steel? It is . A new exhibition entitled “Wonder Materials – Graphene & Beyond” will be launched tomorrow (December 15) at the Hong Kong Science Museum. The exhibition will explore this wonder material that can revolutionize , medicine, energy and desalination, as well as a wide range of other industries.

Graphene is a planar form of carbon which is super lightweight and highly conductive yet ultra-strong. The exhibition will showcase more than 100 objects from scientists, collections of the UK’s Natural History Museum and London Science Museum, and interactive exhibits and video programmes, introducing to visitors the history and properties of graphene and the working environment of graphene researchers.

Pioneering with graphene incorporated such as graphene light bulbs, a flexible electro-luminescent display and a graphene biosensor will also be in the exhibition to illustrate how graphene can improve human life while reducing environmental impacts.

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Source: Miltech