InnoEnergy Link Spurs Skeleton Growth

InnoEnergy Link Spurs Skeleton Growth - Batteries Featured Graphene


Not many success stories start with a six-person Estonian team, but that was the humble beginning of Skeleton Technologies, the company behind the world’s most advanced supercapacitors – a high power storage technology.

In those early days, despite little money in the bank, the team held some crucial intellectual property: ‘curved’ – the closest anyone has come to a ‘perfect’ version of the wonder-material, and a huge jump forward for supercapacitors.

Skeleton’s commercially-minded co-founders were inspired to buy the IP. They joined the researchers, founding Skeleton in 2009, since when, projects with the European Space Agency, Horizon 2020 and InnoEnergy have put the company on the cusp of revolutionising the supercapacitor industry.


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SourceInnovators Magazine