NASA Goddard Announces Innovator Of The Year

NASA Goddard Announces Innovator Of The Year - Featured Graphene Sensors
IMAGE: This is one of the sensor platforms that FY17 IRAD Innovator of the Year recipient Mahmooda Sultana has created with her and development . view more  Credit: NASA/W. Hrybyk

NASA research engineer Mahmooda Sultana has been named the 2017 “IRAD Innovator of the Year,” an award bestowed annually on those who achieve significant results creating technologies under the Goddard Space Flight Center’s Internal Research and Development, or IRAD, program.

Sultana received the award for her groundbreaking work advancing nanomaterials and processes to create small, potentially revolutionary detectors and devices for use in space.

The annual reward is presented by NASA Goddard’s Office of the Chief Technologist in Greenbelt, Maryland. The organization funds and manages the development of promising, potentially breakthrough technologies that could advance the agency’s scientific and exploration goals and benefit others.

“Mahmooda has distinguished herself as a tenacious, creative thinker, impressing virtually everyone with her technical acumen and drive,” said Goddard Chief Technologist Peter Hughes in his announcement.

“In her relatively short time here, she has successfully competed for 10 awards under our IRAD program, compiling an impressive list of accomplishments, including the creation of advanced for which a patent is pending,” he continued. “Perhaps most notable is her emergence as one of NASA’s experts in nanotechnology. I can only imagine what she’ll do in the future. She embodies the very essence of innovation.”

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