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Nashville Summit Promotes Rapid Commercialization Of Graphene, The World’s Thinnest Material

Nashville Summit Promotes Rapid Commercialization Of Graphene, The World’s Thinnest Material


Global Business leaders will convene in Nashville on October 29-31 to help further the commercialization of , the thinnest and strongest material known to man.

Graphene-focused investors, researchers and entrepreneurs from around the world will meet for the National Graphene Association’s Graphene Innovation Summit & Expo, the United States’ national effort to promote and facilitate graphene commercialization.

“Graphene is one atomic layer of carbon. It is the thinnest material ever discovered yet it can be 200 times stronger than steel, electrically and thermally conductive, and flexible.” said Dr. Zina Jarrahi Cinker, Executive Director of the National Graphene Association headquartered in Oxford, MS, with offices in Nashville and Washington, D. C.

Dr. Kari Hjelt, Head of Innovation, Graphene Flagship, Graphene Innovation Summit Speaker

Keynoting the Summit will be Dr. Kari Hjelt of the Graphene Flagship, the European Union’s biggest initiative, with a budget of 1 billion euros. Also speaking will be Dr. Elena Polyakova of Graphene 3D Lab, NY, USA, Dr. Anirudha Sumant of Argonne National Laboratory, IL, USA, and Dr. Eric Dobson of Angel Capital Group, TN, USA.

Dr. Eric Dobson, CEO, Angel Capital Group, Graphene Innovation Summit Speaker

“The Graphene Innovation Summit will be the first US conference dedicated solely to the commercialization of graphene,” Jarrahi Cinker said. “With this conference, our goal is to create a different networking and knowledge sharing experience to address the palpable issues in the commercialization journey for graphene.”

“Nashville is such a vibrant city with a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship,” said Jarrahi Cinker. “We are happy to be hosting NGA’s inaugural conference at the beautiful Music City Center.”

The National Graphene Association’s Graphene Innovation Summit will be held at the Music City Center in Nashville, TN, October 29-31

The Graphene Innovation Summit will include two days of plenary talks, panel discussions, product and idea showcases and interaction with exhibitors.

Dr. Elena Polyakova, CEO, Graphene 3D Labs, Graphene Innovation Summit speaker

“Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in comprehensive dialogue and gain technological insight from the most influential players in the graphene sector,” Jarrahi Cinker said.

Dr. Anirudha Sumant, Material Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory, Graphene Innovation Summit speaker

“The targeted round table format and tailored networking opportunities will allow attendees to gain critical market information and analysis from the leaders of the field and form strategic partnerships,” she added.




For information on attending or exhibiting visit or phone +1 (662) 371-1800

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