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NGA, Graphene Pavilion a hit at GSMA Mobile World Congress Americas

SAN FRANCISCO — One of the hot spots at the GSMA World Congress Americas is the Pavilion where the National Graphene Association has been demonstrating the potential of graphene to the connected world.

“It’s going very well and we are excited to be here and organizing this pavilion and work with the movers and shakers of the graphene industry” said National Graphene Association executive director Dr. Zina Jarrahi Cinker.

Jarrahi Cinker is leading the coordination of the Mobile World Congress Americas’ Graphene Pavilion alongside ICFO, featuring nine exhibitors from Europe and the United States who will highlight both the existing applications of graphene in mobile manufacturing and the and development currently underway.

“We’re getting a diverse blend of visitors from Flex to LG to even software developers with an interest in graphene,” Jarrahi Cinker said. “Many don’t know what graphene is, but as we take the time to explain and show them the different applications from the exhibitors at the pavilion, they get quite interested.”

Visitors to the Pavilion get applications and demos along with tours five to six times daily. Those tours are giving a chance to address approximately 20 each time with the information.

“We’re getting great interaction and response from the tours,” Jarrahi Cinker said. “People are wanting to come back and learn more.”

Graphene is a two-dimensional layer of carbon that conducts electricity better than copper; it is the thinnest material on the planet but can be 200 times stronger than steel, while also highly flexible and transparent to the human eye.

The tour guides have also provided positive feedback, Jarrahi Cinker said.

“Tour leaders have communicated with us that they are impressed with NGA’s organization of the Graphene Pavilion event,” she said. “They have told us ‘you guys are on point.’ They have said they are pleasantly surprised at the level of reach and market maturity that such a young organization has achieved in such a short time.”

It’s also a way people are finding out about the next event, the NGA Summit and Expo in Nashville on Oct. 29-31. Innovators will gather to share ideas and challenges presented by the emerging technology.

“It’s our first time partnering with GSMA and it’s gone fantastic,” Jarrahi Cinker said. “We are getting the chance to educate the attendees and explain how graphene could change their industry within the mobile sector. We’re finding overlapping interests they may not have even known about.”

For more information on the National Graphene Association and the NGA Summit and Expo, go to or call 662-371-1800.