Graphene Helmet Created By Italian Researchers

Researchers from the Italian Institute of Technology have teamed up with luxury design group Momodesign to create the a state-of-the-art helmet. Through adding graphene to the manufacturing process, the helmet is able to distribute impact force better than other materials, resulting in a safer and more comfortable headgear. 

Per Graphene Flagship, “Marco Cattaneo, president of Momodesign states “I started to read publications about graphene with curiosity and interest,” said Cattaneo, who was also developing ideas for using graphene technologies to “improve in which safety is the most important aspect.” Working together was a natural process. “We needed just 5 minutes to get in sync with Marco,” said Vittorio Pellegrini, Director of the Graphene Labs at IIT. “In the following days we set out the roadmap of our collaboration and after one month we started to work in the labs.” Pellegrini is also leader of the Storage Work Package of the Graphene Flagship and chair of its executive board.”

Motorcycle helmets are composed of two parts, a solid exterior shell for impact protection, and a shock-absorbing polystyrene or foam inner part. For this design, graphene is incorporated into the exterior shell as a coating, and provides a protective effect to the inner materials of the helmet. Pellegrini describes this effect as a graphene shelter: the excellent heat-conductive properties of the graphene dissipate heat quickly across the helmet, and protect the inner materials from degradation caused by heat, resulting in a helmet that’s safer, and lasts longer.

Source: Graphene Flagship