Legendary Investor Jim Rogers Investing In Graphene


Legendary Investor Jim Rogers Investing In Graphene - Companies Featured Financial Graphene
Image Courtesy of Korea Times

Jim Rogers has announced that he has invested in Standard , Korea’s first graphene manufacturer based in Ulsan, a southeastern industrial city, the third of its kind in just around one year. He is also serving as an adviser there, according to the Korea Times

“Scientists say graphene is going to bring bigger changes to the world than the internet and transistors. It did not exist 15 years ago,” Rogers, chairman of Rogers Holdings, told The Korea Times. “It is a miracle material.”

Graphene is a two dimensional hexagonal structure that is stronger than steel, mostly transparent, and flexible. It’s continuously touted for its remarkable properties, and is forecasted to be used in everything from infrastructure to

“I have an interest in the company because they seem to be a leader in production of graphene,” he said, refusing to reveal the amount of his investment.

“They are smart and ambitious people. All three of them contacted me directly,” he said. “I am in people, not in . I was impressed by the people and what they are doing.”


Source: Korea Times