Seeing The Invisible Thanks To Graphene

Seeing The Invisible Thanks To Graphene - Electronics Featured Graphene Optoelectronics


Silicon based CMOS (Complementary metal-oxide semiconductors) technology are at the basis of many of the electronic devices we widely use today, such as computers, smartphones and digital cameras. To move to a new generation of advanced , most researchers are of the view of the need to integrate CMOS with other semiconductors. As part of this process, technologists from the Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona have successfully integrated into a CMOS integrated circuit.

With the process graphene is deposited onto a surface, then patterned to create the necessary pixel shape. At the end of the process a layer of PbS colloidal quantum dots are added. Quantum dots are very tiny semiconductor particles, only several nanometres in size. They are so small that their optical and electronic properties differ from those of larger particles.

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Source: Digital Journal