Internet Of Smart Materials Conference To Highlight Graphene’s Role


Internet Of Smart Materials Conference To Highlight Graphenes Role - Featured Graphene Graphene Production
Photo of graphene-enhanced geotextile installation. From Geofabrics Australasia. The technology will be profiled at the Internet of Smart Materials Conference.

The Internet of Smart Materials Conference will be held August 17 at Swinburne University (Australia) and explore manufacturing opportunities and how graphene-enhanced materials can help revolutionize data collection and performance understanding in infrastructure, science, daily life, and more.

Imagine IM, which has developed the world’s first graphene-enhance geotextile with Geofabrics Australasia, is a major partner to the event.

The event will also serve as the launching point for the Supply Chain CRC-P, a initiative aimed “at understanding how replicability of materials functionality can be achieved, ensuring that the quality assurance necessary for manufacturers is made possible.”

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