Standard Graphene Chief Stresses Technical Cooperation With China

Standard Graphene Chief Stresses Technical Cooperation With China - Featured Graphene Patents

Korean technology firm Standard Graphene is pushing to commercialize the new material for industry purposes, the company said Thursday.

Its CEO Lee Jung-hoon said Korea should make extra efforts to foster the graphene industry as one of its future growth engines, as many other advanced countries are doing.

“China is increasingly stepping up investments in the graphene industry alongside other new growth industries such as semiconductors and electric vehicles,” Lee said during his keynote speech at the Graphene Smart conference in Beijing, Sunday. “On the other hand, Korea, which has been one of the leaders in the graphene industry worldwide, faces a slowdown in this sector.”

He also promised to contribute to making Korea play a leading role in commercializing graphene as an industrial material. “I will take responsibility as the CEO of a graphene business and work on boosting Korea’s graphene industry.”

The Graphene Smart conference was hosted by the Zhongguancun Graphene Industrial Alliance (ZGIA), which is considered as one of the country’s largest academic-industrial cooperation bodies alongside the China Innovation Alliance of the Graphene Industry (CGIA), according to the company.


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Source: The Korea Times