Stretchable Capacitor From Graphene Microribbons Is Great For Wearables

Stretchable Capacitor From Graphene Microribbons Is Great For Wearables - Electronics Featured Graphene Latest Innovations Wearables


Despite all the advances in modern , the humble capacitor (C) not only holds its own but also makes headlines occasionally in the electronics press.

A new type of flexible micro-supercapacitors developed by a team from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore may well sprout developments in the realm of wearable technology, with a variety of applications such as smart T-shirts charging phones.

The supercapacitor with micro size is said to utilize out-of-plane wavy structures made of micro-ribbons, and is structured so that the strain concentration on the electrode fingers is reduced. This prevents the cracking and detaching of electrode materials while keeping the electrode fingers at a relatively constant distance.

Graphene is popular for its conductivity, strength and thinness, but cannot be stretched. To solve this challenge, the research team looked at the wave-like microstructure of skin and sought to apply that to form graphene micro-ribbons.
The micro-ribbons were placed into the pyramidal ridges of a stretchable polymer chip, forming a wave-like structure. Kirigami structures were developed to make the supercapacitor 500% more flexible without impacting electrochemical performance.

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