Talga Manufactures Stronger Graphene Technology

Talga Manufactures Stronger Graphene Technology - Companies Featured Graphene

Australian technology minerals company, Talga Resources, has more than doubled the strength of its manufactured industrial resins – improving maintenance costs for maritime infrastructure.

The epoxy-based product can be used across many different applications, including internal concrete flooring, and dominates steel protection for marine-exposed infrastructure such as bridges, pipelines, oil rigs and ships.

Talga’s tests used a formulated dispersion of its few layered (FLG) and graphene nano-platelets (GNP), mixed into a two-part epoxy resin used widely in marine coating systems.

Initial test results showed a significantly improved coating performance – including higher corrosion resistance, increased mechanical strength and higher abrasion resistance – compared to commercial control of zinc-rich epoxy.

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SourceManufacturers’ Monthly