Talga Taps Into Concrete Innovations

Talga Taps Into Concrete Innovations - Companies Featured Graphene

Talga Resources has agreed to work with a German building materials producer to explore the use of graphite and to enhance concrete applications.

Perth-based Talga, which owns five graphite projects in Sweden, has entered into a memorandum of understanding with Heidelberg Cement to jointly explore business opportunities where Talga’s graphite and graphene-based materials in carbon would be used to enhance concrete applications for use in building and construction projects in Europe.

The agreement puts Talga in a similar space to that of Perth-based, US-focused Eden Innovations, which uses its carbon nanotube-focused EdenCrete admixture to enhance the durability and flexibility of concrete.

“We are delighted with the opportunity to work with Heidelberg and its engineering and innovation department,” Talga managing director Mark Thompson said.


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SourceBusiness News Western Australia