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Long Island Teens’ Silkworm Project Impresses Researchers

Long Island Teens’ Silkworm Project Impresses Researchers

Two teenage scientists on Long Island are shooting for gold with their green science project. Alyssa Iryami and Audrey Shine are still in high school but their experiment using silkworms and is actually being done by researchers with their PhDs.

“We found that we could actually integrate graphene, one of the strongest materials in the world, along with silk, which is one of the strongest naturally produced materials, to create a super material,” Alyssa said.

Their 10th-grade project has received both local and international recognition. They’re one of only eight teams in the country competing in the Spellman High Voltage Clean Tech Competition this summer.

“We’re so excited to meet from all over the world and see what they have and we wanted to share what we have,” Audrey said. Her family has a history of raising silkworms in China.

They divided 70 worms into groups, only feeding some of them graphene. One group got 4 percent graphene within the leaves they consume while the control group had none, Audrey said. “That was done for the purpose of seeing if there’s a difference in the strength of the silk they created,” she said.


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SourceFox 5 News