IoT for Traffic: Transurban backs development of ‘smart’ roads

IoT for Traffic: Transurban backs development of smart roads - Companies Featured Graphene

Australian start-up Imagine Intelligent Materials (Imagine IM) has won $100,000 grant from toll road operator Transurban to develop “smart” roads.

The grant will be used by Imagine IM over a nine-month period to build graphene-based that will be able to be installed under motorways. These will ultimately be able to monitor and self report on traffic movement, road conditions, and eventually even enable storage or generation.

For Imagine IM, which develops graphene-based for industrial textiles and fibres, the project is another significant step in the development of large sensors for the Internet of Things, enabling users to extract real-time data from “self-reporting” materials.

Graphene is an atom-thin layer of carbon, first successfully isolated at the University of Manchester in 2004, and has been described as the “world’s first two-dimensional material.”

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Source: Which-50 Media