Washable Electronic Circuits Printed On Fabric

Washable Electronic Circuits Printed On Fabric - Featured Graphene Inks

The circuits were inkjet printed with low-cost that include , a two-dimensional form of carbon, and were directly printed on to fabric and shown to survive 20 cycles in a typical washing machine.

The work was conducted by researchers from the Cambridge Graphene Centre at Cambridge University and Politecnico di Milano and published in the Nature Communications. The technology is being commercialised by Cambridge Enterprise, the University’s commercialisation arm.

The work was based on earlier formulation of graphene inks for printed . The team was able to develop low-boiling point inks, which were directly printed onto polyester fabric. In addition, the researchers found that smoothing the fabric with a planarization layer improved the performance of the printed devices. Hexagonal boron-nitride laid down in a similar manner was used as an insulator

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